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  • Babies need special soap for their delicate skins. This is why we prepare for you Cussons baby soap.

    It comes without strong chemicals that cause rashes and itches for the baby.

    Its scent is also soft to prevent reactivity on your baby’s. 

    Ensure your baby bath time doesn’t turn into skin worries with rashes, and the likes with our tested Cussons baby soap. Let’s deliver it now!

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  • If you need diapers for your baby, that are thick and easy to put on, then soft care diapers are your best option.

    The diapers are well suited for heavy incidents and are highly absorbent to dry up whatever might have leaked. They are also very light and have a soft top sheet that keeps your baby extremely comfortable!

    They are great for;

    • Massive absorption
    • Will keep your baby skin dry due to their 3D leak prevention feature
    • Comes with blanket-like softness
    • The package will bring you over 40 pieces!
    • Size; Large

    Secure yours and let us have it made available as the soonest.

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  • When the baby shawl grows small for your baby, what you need is a better way to keep them warm and comfortable in the new attire.

    That’s why we bring you this baby sweater. It comes Very thick inside to keep your baby warm and comfortable too

    • Suitable for babies 3-12 months
    • Made of wool to maximize softness
    • Comes with a hood to ensure warmth all over the body of your baby

    Keep your baby safe with one.

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  • Nurses are often in the middle of a hectic workday and may not have time to hunt down their supplies. Our custom nurse is will be designed with the things nurses need most and can be customized to their needs, like a first aid kit for nurses.

    The kit will include essential items for nurses, like a Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer, Thermometer, Nurse’s watch, Nurse’s cape, Apron, Disposable masks, Examination gloves, a pair of Scissors, and more.


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  • Before the delivery day comes, you must have a mama kit containing every essential item for a safe delivery but imagine one that comes with a strong bag for re-use!

    Our Prepared Mama brings everything you need and also caters to your future needs of a backpack. You now have a portable and customized bag to carry your baby essentials when traveling to the hospital, to work, or anywhere around, comfortably.

    The bag is long-lasting, huge to contain a lot of items, and well colored for easy maintenance.

    It also contains;

    • A Cotton wool-500mg,
    • Gauze 2mtrs,
    • Surgical gloves-4pairs,
    • Examination gloves-2pairs,
    • Immunization card,
    • Cord tie,
    • Soap
    • 2 receiver sheets,
    • 2 polythenes,
    • surgical blade,
    • 2 maternity pads, and
    • Over 4 diapers.

    It’s more than a mama kit. Let’s deliver it instantly!

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  • When the time to change comes, a lot goes astray! Spills all over the place! Panic to throw the diapers away, ASAP, the fidgeting is much.

    But how about a smarter way to change the full diapers? These waterproof urine mats will handle all the panic diaper attacks for you.

    • Use it to save the floor or table from having spills
    • Now you can change a diaper right on your lap. No worries about spoiling your attire
    • Don’t worry about where to dump the used diaper when indoors somewhere, simple, keep it safe in this changing mat and dump it later. Maintain your comfort, no fidget!

    Let this mat better your experience. 

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  • You now have a much better solution to your baby’s bath time. Never use rough material on your baby’s delicate skin again!

    These washcloths are soft and water absorbent. Which makes them your ideal choice for cleaning your baby’s skin and to wipe out any spills they might have from eating.

    The wash clothes are.

    • Made of cotton to ensure softness
    • Brightly colored for your baby feel
    • They come as a set of over 6 pieces! To give you more options
    • They work as washable or reusable wipes.

    Why need to add pleasure to your baby’s routine hygiene? Grab yours now.

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  • No doubt your baby needs a blanket but which blanket? This baby blanket was created with your baby’s experience in mind.

    The blanket will help you prevent your baby from cold, and also ensure comfort during their naps through softness, smoothness, and warmth.

    The blanket is; 

    • Super soft with 100% premium fleece material
    • It’s very thick for warm and free of odors that could react to your baby’s skin
    • Comes in a super huge size measuring over 40 x 50 Inches to be enough for any baby of any sizes
    • Easy maintenance. Can be easily washed by both hands and machine
    • Comes with an elegant appearance.

    Grab yours for your little one now! 

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  • Finally, an everyday costume to allow your baby to play around freely and lightly.

    These bodysuits come made with very breathable materials to prevent warmth at play which may bring discomfort for your baby.

    The baby suits are short in length to allow freedom for your baby while running and playing around. 

    Comes with a button between legs to hold your baby diaper in a single position.

    Let your baby play joyfully. Grab yours now.

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  • Substitute bath cries with giggles & laughter. Bath time should be more fun NOT fear time! Make it playful. Make it enjoyable. Create a tiny little world around your Baby’s bath moment. 

    This baby bath basin comes in a big size and a boat shape not to mention its strong plastic material to serve for a lifetime!

    • It comes in various colors
    • Big size for the biggest of babies & room for the less sized ones
    • Soft & relaxed material to prevent easy breaking. 

    Grab yours. 

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