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    • Material: PP Cotton, Plush, Polyester, Soft and Warm
    • Feature: Eco-Friendly
    • Type: Baby Support Chair
    • Size: Bottom length 50 cm width 50 cm
    • New design for infants. It helps kids learn to sit up quickly when they are there.
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  • Equip your baby with socks that will last their baby’s lifetime. Each pair of socks is tight and long-lasting to look smart for your baby while giving them comfort too.

    The set comes with your over 3 pairs of socks all assorted in different colors and suitable for all babies 0-12 months.

    The socks are;

    • Made of 70% cotton, 27% polyester, and 3% spandex for comfort
    • They are meant to last many wash rounds without losing elasticity & touch
    • Multiple colors to help you match up with different baby outfits.

    Grab your set now!

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  • Worried about the effects that cold situations will cause for your newborn? Notice the many diseases and breathing disorders such situations can cause to your baby? We resolve that too.

    This soft baby vest will give your baby more warmth while maintaining comfort inside helping your baby continue avoiding the many effects of the cold.

    The vest is lightweight and comes in white color. Never let cold temperatures affect the life of your baby. It can also be used as an undershirt on cold days

    Take yours now!

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  • [caption id="attachment_1069" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Select Blue[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1078" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Select White[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1082" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Select Black[/caption]


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  • Avoid spills from your bottles every time you travel with them. Ensure the bottles are kept safe and warm for the baby’s milk or whatever you plan to feed your baby in the day.

    This baby warmer smartly helps carry your baby’s feeding bottles without worrying about spills and feeding your baby cold meals.

    • The bottle warmer comes with a handle so you can carry it easily like a bag wherever you go.
    • It also closes by a zipper for smartness and maintaining warmth
    • Its portable yet can hold over two bottles at a time

    Forget fidget time at travel. Equip yourself with this bottle warmer.

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    • Material: Hosiery Cotton
    • Colour: Multicolour
    • Neck Style: Round Neck
    • Sleeve Type: Sleeveless
    • Package Content: 1 Dress and 1 Matching Bottom
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  • A better way to maintain moisturized and beautiful skin for your baby without skin effects. No more paleness, no rashes, just beauty, and softness.

    This Cusson’s baby oil is perfect for maintaining perfect skin for your baby. It chases skin rashes, dryness, and paleness without causing reactive to your baby.

    Chase baby discomfort and skin issues with this baby oil trusted by many and tried by us! Equip your baby with one now!

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  • Never fidget with a diaper falling off your baby as they crawl away! Secure them with this diaper panty!

    This super-elastic panty will help you hold your baby’s diaper in a single position no matter how fast and energetically they crawl or run around your home.

     The panty;

    • Comes in a huge size to carry any diaper size even when it gets full
    • Comes with elastics to hold whatever the diaper might be holding loosely
    • It’s easy to slip on or off.

    Let playtime be fun without any interruptions to both you and your baby. Grab your diaper panty now!

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  • Better equip yourself with disposable knickers /Panties for the post-delivery period. Never let your regular underwear get affected by bleeding and the like after delivery!

    Keep knickers that you can dispose of after use. No need to wash. They are safe to use during delicate times and won’t stick during disposing.

    The knickers are;

    • 100% nonwoven fabric
    • They are light for easy packing and well-sealed after disinfection to ensure safety for the mother.
    • Comes with much comfort and high elasticity
    • You can wear them anywhere. Be it during travel or for your stay in the hospital
    • They are durable and eco-friendly so no worries during disposing
    • It’s also a great gift for your delivered lady friend. 

    Make your post-delivery days peaceful and less messy with your set delivered now! 

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  • After your successful delivery, you will want to receive your precious little one in the most comfortable & warm style there is.

    And that’s why we chose this pair of soft carry sheets customized for just carrying your delicate newborn.

    The baby sheets are made with the smoothest material to ensure a soft touch on your baby’s skin and will ensure no skin irritations.

    Handle your baby in the best way with yours ordered now.

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  • After delivery, you want to prevent your newborn from catching any of the dangerous diseases caused by the coldness in its new world. 


    And what’s a better solution to that than the softest thick woolen cloth meant specifically to secure your baby?


    This Baby Shawl is carefully chosen for catering to your baby’s warmth. Made of both cotton and wool to offer the maximum your little one needs. With different colors too for a specific taste. 

    Ensure comfort for your baby by taking yours now.

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  • Storing your baby basin can be daunting especially after they don’t need it anymore. It can be too big to store below the bed considering its size and occasional use. But these are now no more!

    This stylish Teheca basin is creatively made to eliminate those space issues from you. The basin is collapsable and can easily be turned flat so you can keep it anywhere you want.

    The basin is made of silicon for the lightweight

    And is very easy to set up and collapse.  

    Never worry again! Keep this basic for better bath times!

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  • With the danger that malaria pauses for us all, the least you can do is strongly protect your precious little one from mosquito bites when they come around.

    This mosquito net will allow you to protect them from malaria wherever you go! The net is foldable which eases its packing and comes with a very lightweight.

     The mosquito net is special in many ways!

    • It comes with an in-made mattress so you don’t need one especially during travel
    • With its portability and foldable nature, you’ll be sure to secure your child at anytime
    • Its net is soft too and well ventilated. 

    Secure your baby with comfort in mind. Take yours now.

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  • You now have a better way to bathe and even dry your baby without discomfort. These baby wash clothes will add comfort and softness to your baby’s bath times.

    The washcloths are portable and made of a fleece material which helps them soak up water instantly while offering a delicate touch to your baby’s skin during a bath.

    The baby washcloths

    • Easily create a foam since are highly water-absorbent.
    • Their light nature will help you dry them easily.
    • You will receive over 8 pieces of washcloths brightly designed with floral colors. Just buy a set for long-term use.
    • Multipurpose usage; You can use the washcloths as a portable towel for your baby while on travel. 

    Let’s make bathtime better with your set delivered timely! 

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