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  • We just put together for you a fully equipped set of baby clothes you need for your newborn. Buy once and buy them all!

    The set brings you over 3 baby Overalls, 4 pairs of socks, and over 3 washcloths. You no longer need to buy each item independently! Everything comes in a single set.

    The set contains;

    • Cotton made socks to ensure comfort and fitting
    • All the clothes are differently colored so you can play with your creativity when clothing your little one
    • The washcloths are very soft and dry easily to make your baby bath time simple and enjoyable

    Let’s deliver your set instantly!

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  • Never wonder what your little one will wear for attires for that abrupt journey to anywhere. 

    This full set comes in handy with all clothing for your baby to feel comfortable and look elegant at the same time.

    The set of baby clothing brings your little one;

    • Over 2 long-sleeved shirts
    • Over 2 long pants
    • 1 Jumpsuit
    • 1 Bib
    • 1 Cap
    • 1 Pair of booties
    • 1 pair of mittens
    • 1 belt
    • And 1 Baby wrapper receiver.

    Why not have a single buy of EVERYTHING you will need?

    Take it now.

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  • Let playtime become playday with this set of 3 lightweight baby overalls made specifically for your baby movements.

    The overalls are cotton-made and elastic to fit your baby comfortably without causing any disturbance as they run and crawl around while playing.

    Let them have the fun they deserve when their playing time comes. Ease their movements with these outstanding overalls now!

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  • Respect your hygiene? Style and cleanliness? We thought you do. You need it MOST during maternity!

    Never have breastfeeding spills all over your outfit again. These washable breast pads will help dry and maintain the dryness.

    The pads are; 

    • Cotton made for maximum comfort
    • White-colored to notify you of any spills easily without waiting for it to show on your outfit
    • And they’ll help you keep the breasts composed. Maintain your beauty during maternity too 😉

    Are you ready to look smart again? Grab a group of 3!

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  • Keep your little companion smart and slick for all those visits and movements you usually have with this elegant piece of clothing!

    Perfect for your hospital visits, special day wear, and for those short-distance movements you usually have around and out of town. 

    It comes as a full set with 

    • 2 Long panties
    • A long-sleeved shirt
    • 1 Bib
    • 1 Cap
    • And in white color to ensure brilliance and elegance at that the same time.

    Grant your baby one now!

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  • Stop buying tiny single items one at a time! Here is a clothing set to fulfill all your newborn baby’s attire needs.

    The set brings you;

    • 1 Vest
    • 1 Bib
    • 1 Long Sleeve Shirt
    • Shorts
    • Long pants
    • 1 Cap

    With this fashionable & affordable clothing set, you will not need to buy the other items on their own! Buy once and have all your needs fulfilled! Get yours delivered now.

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  • Want warmth and comfort for your baby? Here comes a set of socks to offer exactly that to your little one.

    A set that comes with an abundance of over 7 baby socks all carefully created with cotton and elastic to ensure a flexible stretch to fit any baby and never lose their shape or touch.

    The 7 set of socks comes with;

    • A premium cotton touch to ensure coziness and comfy for your baby foot
    • The perfect size for any newborn feet 
    • A great fit for 0-3 months babies
    • Durability to ensure they don’t lose their elasticity easily.

    Grab the whole set now!

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  • Buy once and by them all! This is what this set of clothing for your little one will give you! No need to buy every single item on its own.  

    How about a set with uniformity? Add style to your baby’s outfit with this set of 8 clothes that comes with every piece of item in the same color/fashion all throughout!

    The set of clothes includes 

    • 1 whole overall, 
    • 1 Pyjama, 
    • 1 cap, 
    • 1 vest, 
    • 1 panty and 
    • A pair of booties.

    Own every baby cloth you need in one single buy! Get in now!

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  • Baby skin is very delicate. That’s why ordinary toilet paper causes rashes, reactive and paleness when used on them.

    This is why we bring you these liquified baby wipes with aloe and chamomile to ensure safety on your baby’s skin.

    Make “P” time peaceful. Prevent the baby’s discomfort. These wipes; 

    • Keep the area wet & relaxed
    • Comes with a sweet scent 
    • And are many in a single package for long-term use.

    Take yours now.

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  • Chat with an expert shopping guide to review your maternity, pregnancy, and baby shopping list, discuss prices and product alternatives.

    Our team of experienced guides will help reduce budget stress and complete your shopping needs, from planning to delivery

    Book a session today and get the expert guidance you need.

    What to expect

    • Budget Planning and Reviews
    • Shopping list planning(what to buy, when to buy, and where to buy from)
    • Prices estimations
    • Product explanations and identification
    • Actual item shopping
    • Delivery of items
    • etc
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  • Imagine dressing your baby smartly for the day only for them to vomit all over it during or after feeding! The mess that comes with feeding your baby will become history!

    These baby mittens will protect your baby clothing from wetting. Simply apply the mitten around your baby’s neck before feeding and you’re good to go!

    The mittens are; 

    • Soft to ensure no neck discomfort for the baby. 
    • And are playfully colored for style and fashion.
    • Comes with buttons for easy application.

    Let’s deliver yours now!

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  • High Quality & stylish Baby Body Stockings made with Cotton to ensure Warmth and Comfort for your baby.

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  • Your newborn’s head is very delicate for cold air and sunshine. That’s why you want to keep it both warm and covered from any strong temperatures.

    This baby cap is made of cotton to ensure warmth. It’s breathable to ensure a moderate temperature around your baby’s head and comes bright colored with a doll face to add playfulness and character to your baby’s outfit.

    Take yours because;

    • Its made up of 100% cotton
    • It’s skin-friendly and breathable
    • It fits any newborn head
    • Make your baby outfit charming
    • It’s very thick for warmth.

    Order for yours now.

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    • Our baby fruit feeders are made with certified premium 100% Food Grade Silicone that’s BPA, PVC, Latex, Latex, Metals, Phthalate, Toxic and Rust free. Our feeders allow your baby to gum on solids long before teeth come in. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about your baby putting choke-sized chunks of food into mouth.
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  • Your baby’s soft cute hands are extremely delicate. Protect them from coldness and hard surfaces by applying this pair of mittens.

    Our mittens are made of super-soft cotton for maximum softness.

    • They’re easy to slip on
    • Suitable for babies 0-3 months
    • Comes with elastic openings to prevent falling off.
    • Comes in different colors for your special taste.
    • Help your baby stop thumb sucking.

    Let’s deliver yours fast.

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    1. Knee Pads are designed for the comfort and protection of tender knees for crawling infants and tumbling toddlers.
    2. This knee pad prevents babies & toddlers from getting sore tender knees and also from cuts and scrapes.
    3. This pad can be easily hand-washed.
    4. Comfortable to use for babies.
    5.  Convenient for indoors and outdoors Encourages baby’s motor skills.
    6. Protects the baby’s knees while toddling
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