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Multi-colored Baby Bibs


Hate the mess that happens when they spill porridge all over that peach-colored dress you prepared for the morning? Give that a cure!

Equip your baby’s eatery with these bibs and forget the worry of feeding them after clothing them for the day.

The bibs are;

  • Colorful
  • Well sized for the task
  • They’re long-lasting. It’s a one-time buy
  • Are very soft not to bring discomfort to your baby’s neck. 

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    This super-elastic panty will help you hold your baby’s diaper in a single position no matter how fast and energetically they crawl or run around your home.

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  • Imagine dressing your baby smartly for the day only for them to vomit all over it during or after feeding! The mess that comes with feeding your baby will become history!

    These baby mittens will protect your baby clothing from wetting. Simply apply the mitten around your baby’s neck before feeding and you’re good to go!

    The mittens are; 

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    • And are playfully colored for style and fashion.
    • Comes with buttons for easy application.

    Let’s deliver yours now!

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  • Stop buying tiny single items one at a time! Here is a clothing set to fulfill all your newborn baby’s attire needs.

    The set brings you;

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    • Shorts
    • Long pants
    • 1 Cap

    With this fashionable & affordable clothing set, you will not need to buy the other items on their own! Buy once and have all your needs fulfilled! Get yours delivered now.

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