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Tag: baby stockings

baby stockings

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  • We just put together for you a fully equipped set of baby clothes you need for your newborn. Buy once and buy them all!

    The set brings you over 3 baby Overalls, 4 pairs of socks, and over 3 washcloths. You no longer need to buy each item independently! Everything comes in a single set.

    The set contains;

    • Cotton made socks to ensure comfort and fitting
    • All the clothes are differently colored so you can play with your creativity when clothing your little one
    • The washcloths are very soft and dry easily to make your baby bath time simple and enjoyable

    Let’s deliver your set instantly!

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  • Never wonder what your little one will wear for attires for that abrupt journey to anywhere. 

    This full set comes in handy with all clothing for your baby to feel comfortable and look elegant at the same time.

    The set of baby clothing brings your little one;

    • Over 2 long-sleeved shirts
    • Over 2 long pants
    • 1 Jumpsuit
    • 1 Bib
    • 1 Cap
    • 1 Pair of booties
    • 1 pair of mittens
    • 1 belt
    • And 1 Baby wrapper receiver.

    Why not have a single buy of EVERYTHING you will need?

    Take it now.

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  • Want warmth and comfort for your baby? Here comes a set of socks to offer exactly that to your little one.

    A set that comes with an abundance of over 7 baby socks all carefully created with cotton and elastic to ensure a flexible stretch to fit any baby and never lose their shape or touch.

    The 7 set of socks comes with;

    • A premium cotton touch to ensure coziness and comfy for your baby foot
    • The perfect size for any newborn feet 
    • A great fit for 0-3 months babies
    • Durability to ensure they don’t lose their elasticity easily.

    Grab the whole set now!

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