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baby care

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  • Baby skin is very delicate. That’s why ordinary toilet paper causes rashes, reactive and paleness when used on them.

    This is why we bring you these liquified baby wipes with aloe and chamomile to ensure safety on your baby’s skin.

    Make “P” time peaceful. Prevent the baby’s discomfort. These wipes; 

    • Keep the area wet & relaxed
    • Comes with a sweet scent 
    • And are many in a single package for long-term use.

    Take yours now.

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  • Your baby’s soft cute hands are extremely delicate. Protect them from coldness and hard surfaces by applying this pair of mittens.

    Our mittens are made of super-soft cotton for maximum softness.

    • They’re easy to slip on
    • Suitable for babies 0-3 months
    • Comes with elastic openings to prevent falling off.
    • Comes in different colors for your special taste.
    • Help your baby stop thumb sucking.

    Let’s deliver yours fast.

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  • After delivery, you want to prevent your newborn from catching any of the dangerous diseases caused by the coldness in its new world. 


    And what’s a better solution to that than the softest thick woolen cloth meant specifically to secure your baby?


    This Baby Shawl is carefully chosen for catering to your baby’s warmth. Made of both cotton and wool to offer the maximum your little one needs. With different colors too for a specific taste. 

    Ensure comfort for your baby by taking yours now.

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  • Work with Play makes them jolly. So how about a singing hairbrush? Make the combing task a game instead for them to enjoy.

    Your baby will enjoy their cleanliness sessions going ahead. The comb in the package is small-sized to straighten every strip of hair.

    And at Teheca, we deliver sooner than you think. Or even we say. So take your baby singing hairbrush & comb now!

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  • If you need diapers for your baby, that are thick and easy to put on, then soft care diapers are your best option.

    The diapers are well suited for heavy incidents and are highly absorbent to dry up whatever might have leaked. They are also very light and have a soft top sheet that keeps your baby extremely comfortable!

    They are great for;

    • Massive absorption
    • Will keep your baby skin dry due to their 3D leak prevention feature
    • Comes with blanket-like softness
    • The package will bring you over 40 pieces!
    • Size; Large

    Secure yours and let us have it made available as the soonest.

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  • When the baby shawl grows small for your baby, what you need is a better way to keep them warm and comfortable in the new attire.

    That’s why we bring you this baby sweater. It comes Very thick inside to keep your baby warm and comfortable too

    • Suitable for babies 3-12 months
    • Made of wool to maximize softness
    • Comes with a hood to ensure warmth all over the body of your baby

    Keep your baby safe with one.

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