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  • Chat with an expert shopping guide to review your maternity, pregnancy, and baby shopping list, discuss prices and product alternatives.

    Our team of experienced guides will help reduce budget stress and complete your shopping needs, from planning to delivery

    Book a session today and get the expert guidance you need.

    What to expect

    • Budget Planning and Reviews
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  • Better equip yourself with disposable knickers /Panties for the post-delivery period. Never let your regular underwear get affected by bleeding and the like after delivery!

    Keep knickers that you can dispose of after use. No need to wash. They are safe to use during delicate times and won’t stick during disposing.

    The knickers are;

    • 100% nonwoven fabric
    • They are light for easy packing and well-sealed after disinfection to ensure safety for the mother.
    • Comes with much comfort and high elasticity
    • You can wear them anywhere. Be it during travel or for your stay in the hospital
    • They are durable and eco-friendly so no worries during disposing
    • It’s also a great gift for your delivered lady friend. 

    Make your post-delivery days peaceful and less messy with your set delivered now! 

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  • A mama kit is essential for every pregnant mother. For a safe and well-equipped successful delivery. Ours comes with a long-lasting bag too.

    Equip your delivery with every essential item you need well packaged in a multipurpose bag that you can use even after delivery or maternity too.

    The backpack brings you;

    • 1 Cotton wool 500mg,
    • 1 Gauze roll,
    • 4 pairs of surgical gloves,
    • 2 examination gloves,
    • 2 maternity pads,
    • 1 cord tie,
    • 1 surgical blade,
    • 1 baby receiver,
    • 1 carry sheet,
    • 2 polythene,
    • 1 saline water for the umbilical cord care,
    • 1 immunization card,
    • 4 pampers.

    Ease your delivery with your kit delivered now.

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  • We understand the discomfort any Mother feels during maternity. From those periodic high temperatures to the frustration you get with even your favorite dresses!

    That’s why we bring you these customized Della dresses specifically designed to the needs of any Mother in the maternity period.

    All the relaxed dresses;

    • Come with simplicity to give you utmost ease when wearing them
    • Made of silk and other lightweight materials to eliminate any warmth for you
    • A zipper; on the chest area to ease your breastfeeding!
    • Comes with artistic designs to give you a stylish and beautiful look.

    Take yours to simplify your maternal dressing

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  • Before the delivery day comes, you must have a mama kit containing every essential item for a safe delivery but imagine one that comes with a strong bag for re-use!

    Our Prepared Mama brings everything you need and also caters to your future needs of a backpack. You now have a portable and customized bag to carry your baby essentials when traveling to the hospital, to work, or anywhere around, comfortably.

    The bag is long-lasting, huge to contain a lot of items, and well colored for easy maintenance.

    It also contains;

    • A Cotton wool-500mg,
    • Gauze 2mtrs,
    • Surgical gloves-4pairs,
    • Examination gloves-2pairs,
    • Immunization card,
    • Cord tie,
    • Soap
    • 2 receiver sheets,
    • 2 polythenes,
    • surgical blade,
    • 2 maternity pads, and
    • Over 4 diapers.

    It’s more than a mama kit. Let’s deliver it instantly!

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