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Category: Clothing


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  • We just put together for you a fully equipped set of baby clothes you need for your newborn. Buy once and buy them all!

    The set brings you over 3 baby Overalls, 4 pairs of socks, and over 3 washcloths. You no longer need to buy each item independently! Everything comes in a single set.

    The set contains;

    • Cotton made socks to ensure comfort and fitting
    • All the clothes are differently colored so you can play with your creativity when clothing your little one
    • The washcloths are very soft and dry easily to make your baby bath time simple and enjoyable

    Let’s deliver your set instantly!

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  • Never wonder what your little one will wear for attires for that abrupt journey to anywhere. 

    This full set comes in handy with all clothing for your baby to feel comfortable and look elegant at the same time.

    The set of baby clothing brings your little one;

    • Over 2 long-sleeved shirts
    • Over 2 long pants
    • 1 Jumpsuit
    • 1 Bib
    • 1 Cap
    • 1 Pair of booties
    • 1 pair of mittens
    • 1 belt
    • And 1 Baby wrapper receiver.

    Why not have a single buy of EVERYTHING you will need?

    Take it now.

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  • Let playtime become playday with this set of 3 lightweight baby overalls made specifically for your baby movements.

    The overalls are cotton-made and elastic to fit your baby comfortably without causing any disturbance as they run and crawl around while playing.

    Let them have the fun they deserve when their playing time comes. Ease their movements with these outstanding overalls now!

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  • Keep your little companion smart and slick for all those visits and movements you usually have with this elegant piece of clothing!

    Perfect for your hospital visits, special day wear, and for those short-distance movements you usually have around and out of town. 

    It comes as a full set with 

    • 2 Long panties
    • A long-sleeved shirt
    • 1 Bib
    • 1 Cap
    • And in white color to ensure brilliance and elegance at that the same time.

    Grant your baby one now!

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  • Buy once and by them all! This is what this set of clothing for your little one will give you! No need to buy every single item on its own.  

    How about a set with uniformity? Add style to your baby’s outfit with this set of 8 clothes that comes with every piece of item in the same color/fashion all throughout!

    The set of clothes includes 

    • 1 whole overall, 
    • 1 Pyjama, 
    • 1 cap, 
    • 1 vest, 
    • 1 panty and 
    • A pair of booties.

    Own every baby cloth you need in one single buy! Get in now!

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  • High Quality & stylish Baby Body Stockings made with Cotton to ensure Warmth and Comfort for your baby.

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  • Your newborn’s head is very delicate for cold air and sunshine. That’s why you want to keep it both warm and covered from any strong temperatures.

    This baby cap is made of cotton to ensure warmth. It’s breathable to ensure a moderate temperature around your baby’s head and comes bright colored with a doll face to add playfulness and character to your baby’s outfit.

    Take yours because;

    • Its made up of 100% cotton
    • It’s skin-friendly and breathable
    • It fits any newborn head
    • Make your baby outfit charming
    • It’s very thick for warmth.

    Order for yours now.

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  • Worried about the effects that cold situations will cause for your newborn? Notice the many diseases and breathing disorders such situations can cause to your baby? We resolve that too.

    This soft baby vest will give your baby more warmth while maintaining comfort inside helping your baby continue avoiding the many effects of the cold.

    The vest is lightweight and comes in white color. Never let cold temperatures affect the life of your baby. It can also be used as an undershirt on cold days

    Take yours now!

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    • Material: Hosiery Cotton
    • Colour: Multicolour
    • Neck Style: Round Neck
    • Sleeve Type: Sleeveless
    • Package Content: 1 Dress and 1 Matching Bottom
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  • Never fidget with a diaper falling off your baby as they crawl away! Secure them with this diaper panty!

    This super-elastic panty will help you hold your baby’s diaper in a single position no matter how fast and energetically they crawl or run around your home.

     The panty;

    • Comes in a huge size to carry any diaper size even when it gets full
    • Comes with elastics to hold whatever the diaper might be holding loosely
    • It’s easy to slip on or off.

    Let playtime be fun without any interruptions to both you and your baby. Grab your diaper panty now!

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  • After delivery, you want to prevent your newborn from catching any of the dangerous diseases caused by the coldness in its new world. 


    And what’s a better solution to that than the softest thick woolen cloth meant specifically to secure your baby?


    This Baby Shawl is carefully chosen for catering to your baby’s warmth. Made of both cotton and wool to offer the maximum your little one needs. With different colors too for a specific taste. 

    Ensure comfort for your baby by taking yours now.

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  • Your baby needs warmth and comfort when it first reaches earth. That’s why you need this super soft baby receiver made of the smoothest material for maximum comfort.

    The baby receiver comes with both a belt and a hood to cover the whole body of your baby and very easily. Never worry about the baby falling out of the blanket, it’s secure.

    The baby receiver;

    • 👶Is made of very soft material 
    • 👶Can play the roles of both a receiver and a blanket for your baby
    • 👶Is perfect for babies 0-24 Months
    • 👶Is easy to close as it comes with belts.

    Secure comfort and warmth for your baby by owning this baby receiver now!

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  • The cold is cruel. It causes VERY many breathing & sometimes skin diseases to our delicate little ones. That’s why you need a comfy & warm solution for the cold days.

    Add this overall carrier to your collection and never be afraid to board a boda-boda or move to any cold or windy circumstances with your baby. 

    • Its extremely soft
    • Highly warm
    • Playfully designed for both style & fun
    • Well sized to fit any baby of any size

    Make them warm. With one.

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  • We have a better way for you to receive your precious little one after delivery! And it’s this super comfortable overall receiver that comes with detachable boots.

    The baby overall receiver comes with a touch of fleece on the interior for maximum softness. While the cotton on the outside will increase the warmth for your newborn baby.

    • This is your best solution for baby’s safety on cold days
    • It comes with a hood to cover the whole body entirely
    • It also comes with detachable boots so your baby can still wear it as they grow older.

    Ensure warmth for your baby by owning this overall receiver now!

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  • When the baby shawl grows small for your baby, what you need is a better way to keep them warm and comfortable in the new attire.

    That’s why we bring you this baby sweater. It comes Very thick inside to keep your baby warm and comfortable too

    • Suitable for babies 3-12 months
    • Made of wool to maximize softness
    • Comes with a hood to ensure warmth all over the body of your baby

    Keep your baby safe with one.

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