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  • Stop buying tiny single items one at a time! Here is a clothing set to fulfill all your newborn baby’s attire needs.

    The set brings you;

    • 1 Vest
    • 1 Bib
    • 1 Long Sleeve Shirt
    • Shorts
    • Long pants
    • 1 Cap

    With this fashionable & affordable clothing set, you will not need to buy the other items on their own! Buy once and have all your needs fulfilled! Get yours delivered now.

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  • Baby skin is very delicate. That’s why ordinary toilet paper causes rashes, reactive and paleness when used on them.

    This is why we bring you these liquified baby wipes with aloe and chamomile to ensure safety on your baby’s skin.

    Make “P” time peaceful. Prevent the baby’s discomfort. These wipes; 

    • Keep the area wet & relaxed
    • Comes with a sweet scent 
    • And are many in a single package for long-term use.

    Take yours now.

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  • We trust Pampers if you don’t tell us why!

    With over 60 years of experience in making the “P” moment comfortable for the littles ones and easy for the mothers, we trust that Pamper diapers will bring the least effect to babies’ usage. 

    They come with not just; 

    • Greatness for locking wetness from your baby’s skin
    • Over 2 dry zones to quickly absorb liquids
    • A stretchy waistband & leg cuffs to adapt to baby shapes and movements.

    But also;

    • Diaper Size: 1
    • Handles Baby Weight: 2-5Kg
    • Pack Count: 44
    • Absorbent micro-pearls 
    • Breathable soft belt: 

    Let’s deliver it fast to you!

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  • If you need diapers for your baby, that are thick and easy to put on, then soft care diapers are your best option.

    The diapers are well suited for heavy incidents and are highly absorbent to dry up whatever might have leaked. They are also very light and have a soft top sheet that keeps your baby extremely comfortable!

    They are great for;

    • Massive absorption
    • Will keep your baby skin dry due to their 3D leak prevention feature
    • Comes with blanket-like softness
    • The package will bring you over 40 pieces!
    • Size; Large

    Secure yours and let us have it made available as the soonest.

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  • When the time to change comes, a lot goes astray! Spills all over the place! Panic to throw the diapers away, ASAP, the fidgeting is much.

    But how about a smarter way to change the full diapers? These waterproof urine mats will handle all the panic diaper attacks for you.

    • Use it to save the floor or table from having spills
    • Now you can change a diaper right on your lap. No worries about spoiling your attire
    • Don’t worry about where to dump the used diaper when indoors somewhere, simple, keep it safe in this changing mat and dump it later. Maintain your comfort, no fidget!

    Let this mat better your experience. 

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